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What if your choice to be right here, right now, is the beginning of the change you've been asking for? 

Vibrational Healing & Supportive Coaching  (for Skincare Products see left)

Have you ever felt as though you are here to do, and be, more? Are you sometimes held back by fear, frustration and self-doubt? Are you ever overwhelmed by responsibilities that require time, effort and energy, but do not feel stimulating or deeply fulfilling? Do you ever feel stuck or unsupported in your career, in your relationships—in your life? 


  • What if you are capable of doing, having, being and receiving what you desire, and you simply need a little support getting there? 
  • What if your life were filled with greater ease, joy and possibility?
  • Are you ready to step into the beauty, joy and potency that you truly "be"?
  • Are you ready for the change you've been asking for?

Our Healing Partnership

Through a combination of vibrational energy healing, deep inquiry and supportive coaching, we will eliminate the belief systems and barriers that are limiting you. And, we will work together to help you receive what you are asking for.

Some clients require only one or two sessions, while others enjoy energetic tunings and/or coaching calls more regularly in order to receive support on an ongoing basis. Most sessions are done by telephone with some e-mail correspondence in between. If you live in the Maryland/Washington DC area, I offer in-person sessions, although remote sessions are just as powerful and effective.

What Kind of Change Are You Capable Of?

You can create radiant health and wellness, experience the love and support you deserve, and connect with the joy and prosperity that are your true essence. You can live the life you have imagined, no matter how far away it may feel right now. This work will empower you to:

  • Enjoy your physical body and feel solidly grounded and radiantly healthy everyday
  • Wake up happy and feel good about your life
  • Discover and live your purpose, living in alignment with who you are
  • Remove barriers to your success, releasing old patterns and limiting beliefs
  • Feel confident and peaceful, understanding the wisdom of your emotions and how to connect with your inner guidance.
  • Love yourself and feel supported and loved by others
Who Are My Clients? 
Perhaps you've been on a spiritual path for a long time, attended multiple workshops, read countless books, and still not experienced the health, happiness and sustained success that you desire?
You are a bright, open-minded, sensitive and self-aware, with deep desires and a wish for a better life. In spite of your efforts, you may be struggling to achieve the break-throughs (health, happiness, relationships, financial…) that you deserve.
To Bring Your Desires to Fruition, We Will Work Together to:
  1. Get clear about what you want to create in your life by releasing self-judgment and asking the right questions. (This isn’t always so obvious.)
  2. Remove old patterns, limiting beliefs, habits, blocks, subconscious thoughts and feelings that keep us locked up and limited (no matter how hard we try to overcome them).
  3. Commit to adopting a new set of thoughts, questions and actions to be able to receive what you are asking for, and to create the health, relationships, joy, personal and financial success that you desire.

Who Am I?

My name is Amy Painter. I am an energy healer, herbalist and coach working at a vibrational level to help my clients navigate their lives with greater ease and joy
. For more than a decade, I have practiced energy healing, training with masters in a variety of healing disciplines and drawing on tools and techniques that are specifically tailored to the unique needs of my clients. I incorporate a variety of healing modalities, from Harmonic Healing (pioneered by sound healer, Deena Spear) to Access Consciousness to Reiki to plant medicine to methods that are uniquely my own, utilizing sound, ancient letters, symbols and other innovative techniques to help clients make powerful, lasting shifts. In addition to this dynamic energy work, we work with inquiry—asking questions and playing together with processes designed to help my clients quickly and easily identify limiting core beliefs and release them. My processes are potent and transformative. They are customized to each client's highly unique needs, desires and energetic signature.
Since I was a child, I have been on a deeply spiritual path. I have always been able to sense others' vibrations and to know, on an intuitive level, what they are feeling and how to help them (emotionally, physically, spiritually). I always felt "different" and found it hard to fit in because I was so highly sensitive and empathetic. It wasn't until adulthood that I learned how to distinguish between what thoughts, feelings and emotions belonged to me, and what belonged to others. This is one of the first techniques I show clients how to master so that they no longer take on others' pain and suffering.
Once I learned to identify and release what did not belong to me, and to process what was mine, I began to learn how to utilize my healing gifts. However, it wasn't until my beloved dog Elvie died from cancer that I began to study with several master healers and to learn a variety of extremely potent healing modalities. I knew then that I wanted to hone my abilities and to use them to serve others (humans and animals). As I became adept at practicing these healing arts, despite their effectiveness, I still felt that something was missing. I could heal, or "attune" people and animals and see dramatic shifts. However, I felt guided to work with my human clients on an emotional level to empower them to anchor the healing work in their daily lives. So, I enrolled in a year-long program at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, a leading school in Organizational Systems Development and Gestalt theory, receiving my certificate in International Coaching. Together, the healing and coaching work are a dynamic combination that have helped clients make and, more importantly, maintain transformative shifts in their lives.
In recent years, I have added nature-based healing to my repertoire, studying plant spirit medicine and taking a year-long home-study course in "The Science and Art of Herbalism" by Rosemary Gladstar. This inspiring work has provided the foundation for my line of highly effective, nature-based skincare products (described on the Skincare Products and Catalog pages). They, like the healing and coaching work, bring about transformation as well, helping women (and men) discover their radiant beauty, inside and out. It is a joy and an inspiration to bring my healing arts together to serve a broad base of clients in highly customized, creative and unique ways.
Without question, my greatest joy as a healer and an agent of change is to help clients do, be  all that they desire for themselves, and for the planet. How does it get any better than that?
I offer support in getting my clients where they want to go, and transformative tools, techniques and questions that allow clients to make lasting change so they are free to live their dreams. My clients learn how to make choices that are aligned with their greater awareness, and how to create new thought patterns and neural pathways (changing thought is a key to changing everything), that allow us to create and receive with ease. I show my clients how to release pain and blockages (physical and emotional) and to reconnect with their infinite capacity for joy and well-being in every aspect of their lives, from work to relationships to money to health. I know these techniques work because I see evidence of their potency every single day, and so do my humand and animal clients. 
If you feel inspired to learn more, please check out Is this You? and How We Work.

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